Hello, World!

Welcome to Jinw. This is my first post.

Yes, I changed the default “Hello world” sample post suggested by WordPress. And I’ve got a good reason to start my writing this way.

Computer programming has been one of many on-and-off hobbies of mine for not a short period of time. More than a decade, I guess. To be honest, I forgot almost everything I’d learnt along the way. However, my interest for programming just stays, somewhere very deep in my heart and not very easy to identify its exacly location. That’s enough for my little background. But I think there’s also enough reason for all of these words. The name of this post is probably the first computer program you’ll learn to write in almost every language: C, C++, Java, Python… You name it.

So, not a bad name for my very first post. And as my promise, I’ll keep writing in the near future. What to write you may ask, well, it depends since my interest list contains a lot of items that sometimes just surprised myself: photography, music, novels, films, coffee, whisky, and the list just gets bigger and bigger. The common element that unites and unifies my writing, as it’s already been explained on the home page, is my language. No matter what words I write or what photographs I take, it will inevibly be my way to think about something and hopefully tell you a good story.

More specifically, there’re two more things needed to be further clarified: First, I write in English and it is not my native language. It happens to be the available and by far the optimal tool for communicating my thoughts and ideas with you guys. I’m still learning, practising, and improving every day to do a better job. So please allow me to make mistakes here and there sometimes and I promise things will get better and easier for you to read. Thank you for your kindness!

Secondly, right now other than words, the only medium I know how to use to tell a story is photography (maybe one day I’ll sing you a song or draw you a portrait). To be more precise, it is analogue photography that I’m referring to. Every photo you’ll see on this website would be taken with a film camera, developed and scanned by myself into digital files with as few as possible tweaks in Adobe Lightroom and uploaded here. Why bother with taking film photos and digitalise them instead of shooting digital pictures in the first place? Well, the reason behind this laboursome process asks for another dedicated post and I’m working on that. So, long story short, film photos only. Oh, and they’re black & white only and you won’t find any color photos – film nor digital – on my website. The explanation would also be covered in the upcoming article.

And another thing to say: Every post (including this one) will be under constant editing and modifying and deleting all the time, if I think it’s necessary to do so. In my honest opinion, that’s the beauty of Internet: To paraphrase loosely from some others, you can always rewrite. And I think whenever you can do something, you will end up doing it. Why not make this declaration before hand? Just in case one day you find what’s been read has undergone some utterly serious changes. Don’t be surprised.

Such a relief to write down these things. Finally it’s done.

Hello, World!

I’m coming.

My language begins.


  1. Your comments are welcomed. I’ll find time to read and post your thoughts here. Anything you’d like to say, please let me know what you’ve been thinking. Ain’t the Internet a very nice place to discuss and share ideas?


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